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May 16, 2011

We are allowed to please you and us again in colour and sweat! This time twice: upcoming Saturday at the awesome Tonelli's in Leipzig and next Wednesday at the Aftershowparty of the Bergfest in the Mensa of Mittweida. Get to know everything else as usual under >>DATES<<. If you are curious about what socks Leo wears on Saturday or what color Flos Schuko socket has on Wednesday, you should not miss these events.

Mar 29, 2011

You can hear us on the radio station R.SA this Thursday (03/31) at the show "Neumis Rockzirkus" (8-12pm). They will probably play some of our songs and there will be an interview with singer Lilli. So tune in at 8pm! You can also listen to the show online at ! ;)

Jan 20, 2011

It accompanied us through nearly our whole history and now it's again time: For the 5th time, DAINTY enters the Vogtland Rock Event - this year's theme: "50 Jahre Beatles" ! As always we're going to interpret the songs with our intuition in a phenomenal way. ;) As a special pleasure, DAINTY-co-founder and keyboarder of the great band "Adam B. Mickiewicz und Gruppe" Henning is going to join our formation. Everything else >>HERE<< !

Jan 18, 2011

The German beer brand Köstritzer hosts a bandcontest this year where you can win a gig at the aftershow party of Germany's most important music award - the ECHO. Wouldn't it be great if DAINTY would play there? Therefore, we need your support: Show the jury your interest in DAINTY by sharing the band page (see below) on your facebook, myspace or twitter account and by using the "I like" button. Furthermore, write comments to the "Bandvorstellung" - the more comments the better. As small appeal and thank-you, we have put our new song "Remedy" on this page for you to listen. Just click on the button below and get started! Thank you so much!!


Köstritzer Echolot 2011 Entry Award - Wir sind dabei!
Jan 15, 2011
We take part in the "Rock im Mai" Bandcontest this year. The winners get the chance to play at the "Rock im Mai" Festival. Vote here: ROCKMAISTERSCHAFT We thank you very much!
Dec 23, 2010

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Thank you for your support last year. We are excited about 2011 and hope for many new experiences together with you! As some kind of Christmas present you can watch a new episode of our DAINTY TV Podcast HERE! Enjoy!

Our Xmas dance for you:

Nov 29, 2010
Finally, the second part our US Tour pictures is ready to watch ! Right HERE !
Nov 4, 2010

A video of our "Eleanor Rigby" interpretation at BrauclubLive is now online. Please watch it as often as you can because the band with the most views is going to perform live at the next Brauclubfest in Chemnitz. 
VIELEN DANK - Lilli, Leo, Flo & Stachel!!!

Oct 30, 2010

Finally, we have new DAINTY TV episodes - ready to watch on >>Podcast<<. Furthermore, we have new promotion band pics on >>Pictures<<. Enjoy! We'll see you in Schleiz!!! ...maybe with DAINTY in Halloween style. ;)

[Taken in Las Vegas at the Stratosphere Tower photoautomat ;)]

Oct 18, 2010

Howdy Folks! Since one week we are now back from the wild West of the US in good old Germany. It was a great, intensive tour and you'll see us probably not only on German stages in the future. The first part of the snapshots can be found under PICTURES. Further animated and non-animated pics coming soon...

Here in Germany we'll start again this Friday in Annaberg! See you guys!

Oct 6, 2010
We salute you out of the biggest soap bubble of the world - LAS VEGAS! We are really having a gig tonight here and are excited about it! Other infamous actions from here can be found under videos!
Sep 30, 2010
We salute you from Anaheim and are happy that some of you have discovered our Podcast. We have managed to drive from Seattle to San Francisco and then Anaheim in 2 days and are excited to announce that the first two episodes of our Podcast are online. We hope to get the other episodes as fast as possible. Have fun - find the Podcast HERE...
Sep 25, 2010


We are right now busy touring through the US and everything here works great. We have also added new gigs, which means now that we have 14 shows in 19 days. Sounds like a lot of stress, but what can be better than playing music every night. You can find all the information about the clubs, cities, addresses and tickets under DATES.
Furthermore, we will keep you updated here. By now, we have made some videos which will be put online soon. For that reason brandnew created: DAINTY TV. We’ve practised at our gig in Berlin. The prologue to our DAINTY USA Podcast can be watched HERE.

Although we are on the other side of planet, we get informed about news at home. That is why we wanted to say thank you for our diamant record place in the „Freie Presse“ newspaper:

Especially, Leo and Lilli want to say a big thank you, because the website is mostly their work. We hope to please you also in the future with a lot of information.

Sep 1, 2010

It's about time!

As announced last year, we are going to start our second US tour themed "Let's do it again!" (this will probably also become the title of one of our new songs). And all this happens almost exactly one year after our first U.S. tour in 2009.

At the time, it could also be called California Tour, but we hope that other states are going to mix in, too. Even though, we really enjoyed being at the cozy West Coast. Furthermore, we want to escape the incipient winter in Germany. Further gigs are definitely planned and maybe some of them will be again together with our friends Meniskus from Colorado.


In order to put you and us in the right mood, we've published last year's tour diary, which was written by Stachel. However, it's only available in German: Tourtagebuch 2009. There you also get to know why we "want back home to L.A.". Enjoy reading!


On the right side you find all the booked dates for now. More information and new dates will be announced as usual under dates. We hope that this tour will be as eventful and exciting as the one last year. Looking forward to it...


Aug 19, 2010

Attention please: The Wildenauer Clubfest 2010 is taking place this weekend. Like always, we will be playing on Saturday.  However this time together with the band STATION 23 from Plauen, which features a DAINTY member. It'll be great fun! Of course, the event is organized and assisted by our light engineers Katrin & Philipp. We're looking forward to the show!

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