Sep 25, 2010


Category: Inglischsch
Posted by: Lilli


We are right now busy touring through the US and everything here works great. We have also added new gigs, which means now that we have 14 shows in 19 days. Sounds like a lot of stress, but what can be better than playing music every night. You can find all the information about the clubs, cities, addresses and tickets under DATES.
Furthermore, we will keep you updated here. By now, we have made some videos which will be put online soon. For that reason brandnew created: DAINTY TV. We’ve practised at our gig in Berlin. The prologue to our DAINTY USA Podcast can be watched HERE.

Although we are on the other side of planet, we get informed about news at home. That is why we wanted to say thank you for our diamant record place in the „Freie Presse“ newspaper:

Especially, Leo and Lilli want to say a big thank you, because the website is mostly their work. We hope to please you also in the future with a lot of information.

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