Sep 1, 2010


Category: Inglischsch
Posted by: Lilli

It's about time!

As announced last year, we are going to start our second US tour themed "Let's do it again!" (this will probably also become the title of one of our new songs). And all this happens almost exactly one year after our first U.S. tour in 2009.

At the time, it could also be called California Tour, but we hope that other states are going to mix in, too. Even though, we really enjoyed being at the cozy West Coast. Furthermore, we want to escape the incipient winter in Germany. Further gigs are definitely planned and maybe some of them will be again together with our friends Meniskus from Colorado.


In order to put you and us in the right mood, we've published last year's tour diary, which was written by Stachel. However, it's only available in German: Tourtagebuch 2009. There you also get to know why we "want back home to L.A.". Enjoy reading!


On the right side you find all the booked dates for now. More information and new dates will be announced as usual under dates. We hope that this tour will be as eventful and exciting as the one last year. Looking forward to it...


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