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Aug 1, 2010
We just received the information that the Open Air with Roger Chapman & The Shortlist, which was planned for the upcoming weekend, has been canceled. Consequently, we are also not playing as support band. What a pity!
Jul 13, 2010

We are playing this year again at the Rock Competition in Schönberg - this time DAINTY vs. HÄMORIDERS. We're excited about it - Saturday, July 17th, starts: 8 p.m.!

Jun 20, 2010

On Wednesday we will make you ready for the World Cup soccer game Germany - Ghana at the Fakultätsfest of the HTWK in Leipzig (Markkleeberg), so that our team will win. When, where and how? - here.

Jun 16, 2010

Thanks for the nice Rock-Night in Schoenfeld and all the commendatory guestbook entries. We also had a great time with you bikers! See you in 2011! Greetings from Lilli, who has now lots of underpants. ;) See pictures here.

May 30, 2010

The pictures from Kottengrün, Adorf, Leipzig, Annaberg and Coburg are finally online and can be watched on >> MEDIA. Thanks to the hardworking photographers Micha, Jochen & Henning, as well as to the Hämoriders, the Palmerias and all the other crazy people who rocked with us!

May 29, 2010

We will join the "JUMP Europa Schultour" 2010 - an initiative in cooperation with the European Union. The topic is EUROPE and we'll have the chance to make a music workshop with the kids, inspire them to make music, play our music and talk with them about Europe.

We will join the tour for 3 dates:

28.05. GERA - Debschwitzer Schule Gera

02.06. JENA - Staatliche Regelschule "Alfred Brehm"

17.06. BURG - Burger Roland Gymnasium

We have already been to Gera and it was fun to inspire such a young and unprejudiced audience. Thank you!

More information about the tour here.

May 12, 2010

Thanks again to all of you who joined our last concerts!


Here is a small excerpt from the current Keimzeit newsletter (unfortunately in German):

"... Jens Roscher - Veranstalter - der Alten Brauerei in Annaberg-B. verpflichtete die Band DAINTY ( als support. Ein gelungener Griff, wir waren sehr angetan von der Musik und hoffen das auch der eine und andere Veranstalter der Keimzeit-Tour bei Lilli und ihrer Band anruft. ..."

And a little review from the Glashaus show:

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