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Apr 19, 2012

We're happy to announce that we have won the contest for the opening act of NENA! That is why we're going to support one of the most successful German solo artists on April, 29th! Special guests are KLEE - so it will be once again an eventful evening at the Stadthalle Chemnitz!

Apr 11, 2012
In May we're playing two of the rare gigs this year in a dignified atmosphere! Come and chill with us!
Mar 8, 2012

Tomorrow we sing and dance again with you! For the first time this year... We are excited! Here a little foretaste for you:

See you there: 09.03. - Tonelli's, Leipzig - Neumarkt 9 - starts 9 p.m.

Dec 24, 2011

We wish you a merry christmas with lots of good food, great presents, time for relaxing and hopefully good music! And a happy new year where all your dreams come true! See you 2012!
Greetings from the DAINTY christmas party with sushi... hmm...

Oct 9, 2011

The pictures from Klingenthal are online! At this point we would like to thank our lighters Katrin and Philipp for the awesome light and of course Jochen for the amazing sound and for the other "little" workings! Look >>here<< what they have created!

Sep 29, 2011
After our exciting touring 2010 and 2011, we retire for a few months from the stages in order to work on new song material and a new album. Everybody who wants to see us one more time playing live this year, gets the last chance in Klingenthal (01.10.) and Eichigt (15.10.).
Sep 12, 2011
Aug 15, 2011

Also in fall you can go crazy (in funny German: "abzappeln") at several DAINTY concerts. Check out our DATES to find out where you're gonna like it. We look foward to it.

Jul 29, 2011










DAINTY in another way... Stachel, Flo, Lilli and Leo noble at the Goethe-city Weimar - here at the Ilmpark in front of the Villa Haar. More here: Pictures.

Jul 15, 2011














It's summer in Germany and we're remembering our US Tour last year with 3 new DAINTY TV Podcast episodes. Furthermore, Stachel has summarized the last year 2010 in our BIOGRAPHY for you. Enjoy!

Jul 6, 2011

We want to thank you for the rocking Bikerweekend and all the nice e-mails and comments on Facebook and in our guestbook! Thanks to MF Niederdorla & MF Krumbach. Despite the weather, you've been real cookie monsters. ;) (cf. Podcast - Cookie Monster Rock) We are looking forward to the Bikers in the Lausitz on July 23.  So take your bike for a ride and join us!

Jun 30, 2011
The voting is on 'til July 7th and you can vote once a day. Thaaank you!!


Help us to get our first gold record! Vote for us at the R.SA Mission Rock Final. We can win the first gold record, a box of beer and our music on air at R.SA the whole summer long. You can vote once a day here: >>VOTING<<. We thank you with all one's heart!!

Jun 20, 2011

The pictures from Kottengruen are online! Again, we thank the SV Kottengrün and the Palmerias for the great party. Also big thanks to all of you for singing, dancing, getting naked, jumping, clapping, banging, rocking and asking us for good music! It was just wonderful!

Jun 16, 2011
Finally, there are some new live pictures online - at Spitzenfest in Plauen and Rocknacht in Zwota. Thanks again to the Musikerstammtisch Plauen and the Haemoriders! Pics from Kottengruen are coming soon...
Jun 1, 2011
...this is how you could call our upcoming weekend. Three gigs and two of them on Saturday: 8 p.m. at the Spitzenfest in Plauen and 10 p.m. at the Rocknacht in Zwota. Who is with us? More info under Dates.

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